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The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a breed of small size,  with a cheerful and active temperament, whose primary function was always the company in the palaces of England, where was created the breed , as shown in the paintings of the sixteenth century.

Although this race was closely linked to his Magesty The King Charles II , and used to say that the monarch was seldom seen without his little dogs, the Cavalier character , far from being arrogant , is gentle and loving. We could say that he has the vitality of a big dog , but also the sweetness and tranquility of a small animal and dependent, who loves to share long hours of rest with his owner on somewhere comfortable and warm .

Although at priori it may seem, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, loves to swim  and enjoy your walks and outdoor games provided that, upon arriving home , respect for your comforting breakout sessions .
His affable nature and taste for fondling , physical contact and comfort, are reasons why this breed is excellent as company doctors or elderly patients , being one of the most widely used today assisted therapy dogs.

The Cavalier tends to consider friends to strangers so it is not a breed with great tendency to bark . It can give the alarm like any other dog , but not often vocalize excessively, being an ideal place to live in homes and communities dog.
His noble and friendly nature makes them get along with other dogs and animals and , without exception, show adoration for children , patient and careful with who is also sharing his curious and playful nature makes them the most loyal companions little kids.

Although its appearance is spectacular for its beautiful fur, the Cavalier King Charles you should not cut its hair nor requires great care. Only you should be brushed frequently and thoroughly clean , especially inside their ears, that being big and falls, good maintenance needed to prevent and eliminate possible otitis knots in the area.

We also take special care to keep the eye area clean to prevent crusting and maintain in perfect condition her expressive eyes as black and shiny buttons, one of the main features of the Cavalier .

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a dog so striking is often the center of attention wherever you are.