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Cavaliers Available

In our kennel Kadourbenitram we try to breed our Cavalier King Charles in the most possible responsible way , combining health, character and beauty. Not an easy task as it involves a lot of sacrifices , responsibility  and above all expenses. But good work also gives us great satisfaction. It is very nice to see grow cavaliers bred by us with so much love. Our wish is that people who will live in the future will are equally responsible and affectionate with their pets.

A responsible breeder loves to breeding puppies are proud of them , it likes to keep track of their growth , education, health , give advice to their owners , but it is the obligation of a future dog owner, knowing who will consult about your puppy in case of doubt . When you think of having a new family member (in our case a Cavalier King Charles) , must be confident and know who to contact in case of any doubt . You can count on your dog’s breeder, and not " neighbour " or supposed  “expert" on breed.

Once our Cavalier King Charles puppy is sold, our work is not finished. We like to keep in touch with owners of dogs purchased from our kennel . We can not force them, because everyone must trust the person who can give them tips growth, behavior and/or education of their puppy. Even so , people who trusted us when purchasing your Cavalier, also may at any time ask us a question . With this, we ensure not know everything. This is not to say that we know everything. The breeder responsability is not knowing everything. but it's important to know who and how to go anyway.

For most importantly responsible breeder  is not knowing everything about the puppy , but it is important to know who and how to go anyway.

For more information on delivery of our puppies Cavalier King Charles can go to this link