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About Us


The history of our breeding of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel begins when breeding the Labrador and Golden Retriever with the affix " Helvet Can", one day we decided to give our daughter a puppy small breed . Among all races, we thought the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was the most suited to what liked the whole family for his admirable character , much like the breeds we raise .

Our " Polly ", a female tricolor Cavalier King Charles , more than fulfilled our expectations, it was just great. Her first litter was recorded with the same prefix than for our Retrievers " Helvet Can". But onwards we have decided to put a prefix different from the one for our Cavaliers breeding: "Kadourbenitram" in memory of the great-grandfather of our children who used this pseudonym for his artistic and literary works.


So we started to let us know with this new name, now known in several countries. Our Cavaliers have earned Championship titles in different parts of the world, being acquired both dogs for our breeding program as bred by us. The year 2009 has been very special regard to success in exhibitions since a Cavalier King Charles owned by us has earned the title of World Champion.


This is our story. We breed the Cavalier King Charles with the same philosophy with which we are raising Labrador Retriever in Helvet Can, in the most responsible way: with all preventive genetic controls of the breed. In our breeding program, we give priority to the health and character of our Cavaliers without neglecting its beauty.