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The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel , as its name suggests, is a breed of " kings" and says of his aristocratic origin.

Today there are 2 very close breeds for its English origins and its similar story : The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or simply " Cavalier " and the King Charles Spaniel or as they call "Charlie" .

These little dogs were very dear in the palaces of English kings . In the XIII-XIV century the aristocracy used these same spot dwarf spaniels for hunting.

But the Stuart dynasty made them be the most popular breed . Under the reign of Charles II (1630-1685) the English Toy Spaniel was individualized. This Sovereign had such a passion for these adorable little dogs that henever moved without his troop of lovely colleagues , even their dogs in Parliament had the right to entry .

We also noticed a special achievement in breeding these Spaniels to another high-ranking nobleman - John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough and ancestor of Winston Churchill , who lived on the family farm in Blenheim ( Blenheim Palace) in County Oxford . He, in particular , was the one who scored an unusual color - with well-defined patches of red chestnut on a pearly white . This color version was later known as " Blenheim".


In the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries great artists such as Titian , Van Dyck , Pierre Mignard , Jean Antoine Watteau and others have shown the noble aristocracy in the company of dwarves spaniels . This popularity is further evidence of how loved and revered these animals.

A mid-nineteenth century, interest in the breed decreased markedly in England catching on dogs with flat muzzle. This situation led to British breeders to make adjustments in the appearance the Toy Spaniels, Pugs and crossing them with new type of japanese. The Chin Spaniels quickly gained in popularity. However, this changed not only the appearance of the dogs , but also their character. The Toy Spaniels were more active and bold . These lovely toys , faithful to his master , the hearts of dog lovers in England and France won .

The resurgence of interest in Toy Spaniels began in the reign of Queen Victoria (1819-1901 ) . His favorite dog was Dash, a tricolor male . Ascended the throne in 1901 the eldest son of Queen Victoria - Edward VII ( 1841-1910 ) , with respect to which all Toy Spaniel , in memory of Stuart ( and in particular , of their ancestors - King Charles I and II ) were named " King Charles Spaniels " and this name has been set for them definitely.

The " King Charles Spaniel" continued the craze for flat noses , his physiognomy was modified substantially due to the flattening of his nose. This fashion led to the old type Toy Spaniel more elongated nose came to an almost complete disappearance. In 1926 , a wealthy North American , Roswell Eldridge, visiting the most important World Dog Show , Cruft 's, and took a big disappointment . He has managed the English Kennel Club to establish a special award with his name of the quantity of 25 pounds ( a lot of money by then ! ) That would present for 5 consecutive years at Crufts dog show , he described as "Blenheim Spaniel type old” . To Roswell Eldridge a Toy Spaniel with meant a longer nose than the flat face of King Charles Spaniel.

In 1928 , at Cruft 's Dog Show 14 spaniels of the desired type were presented. The male blenheim colored " Ann 's Son " owned by Miss Mostyn Walker , was recognized such as the best specimen and his breeder and owner was awarded with the prize. Unfortunately, a month before Crufts, Roswell Eldridge died in 1928 at the age of 70, without seeing the outcome of their proposal. In the same year , the second day of Cruft's the breed standard established the breed that been approved by the English Kennel Club . Considered as a reference to " Ann 's Son" . The standard has not had many changes until today .


In 1945 the Kennel Club has officially Toy Spaniels divided into two different breeds and provided a separate record for the "old" type and the " new" type . The Toy Spaniels with a short snout and a round head is still called " King Charles Spaniel" . The dogs recovered more elongated muzzle started called " Cavalier King Charles Spaniel" .

Since then, the breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel became very fashionable and now is among the 5 most popular breeds in the United Kingdom , with its number of entries stands at over 10,000 for year . It is also one of the best selling breeds in our neighboring country France and other countries such as Switzerland , Belgium , Germany, Netherlands and  Scandinavian countries , not to mention the United States of America and Australia .

The triumph of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel "Alansmere Aquariums" on important dog show Cruft 's definitely devoted breed.